Moody Beach Pool Party a Big Hit

March 8, 2018


For Trail Blazer Magazine.  August 2016



Camps Kwitcherbitchin and Whit’s End got the good seats early.

Our very own, former Trail Blazer featured camper of the quarter 2014, Outdoor World Master Member, Brian White,  fulfilled a decade old dream by hosting a Chowder-Fest pool party  at The Moody Beach Resort with a live band last month. White has attempted similar events in various TT  New England locations for many years before but was unable to stir any  interest. White contacted park manager, Rick Harrison, in the early part of 2016 and pitched the idea to Rick  who gave it the green light for July31. White secured the services of a Boston based, “new roots rock” band by the name of the Jo Henley Band . Jo Henley are a group of well known performing and recording artists with a nation wide tour and 7 full length original CD’s under their belt. Lead man Andy Campolito told me it was one the funnest gigs they’ve had all summer as the four member band and their families enjoyed two nights in the resort complete  with a rock star happy hour celebration at White’s campsite prior to the show. White prepared and provided his award winning clam chowder free to the first 100 people who attended the member initiated event.  Moody Beach Resort manager Rick Harrison was thrilled at the event and plans are already underway for next year. Rick said “we will make it bigger better and even more fun next year. Rick also expressed how great was to maximize the facility with great events like this that give such a big bang for your budgeted buck.Not to mention becoming an overnight huge Jo Henely fan.  White couldn’t say enough good things about the staff and management at

Andy and Anthony Campolieto.  of the Jo Henley Band

Andy and Anthony Campolieto. of the Jo Henley Band

Moody Beach, “Anything we needed Rick got for us,tents power cords, tables you name it, he and his staff were absolutely fantastic. What a great event!” White said that staff  members that really stood up and went the extra mile along with Rick were Darrin, George, Dave and Kristie, whom had her wedding ceremony in the Rec Hall the same day as this event yet still made sure all our needs were met first.  Many of the attendees at the First Annual Moody Beach Pool Party were seasonal campers who expressed their great pleasure with the event,  one group agreed out loud it was the best activity the park had ever had.  This author would wholeheartedly agree.


Great job to all involved in the 2016 First Annual Chowder Fest Pool Party. The event was a smashing success where everyone from newborns to great grand fathers enjoyed the New Roots style music and the authentic all you can eat New England Clam Chowder beside the newly refurbished Olympic size pool and 10 person spa that was in immaculate condition for the event. Even the creator smiled down on them as a rainy dreary Maine morning turned to blue sky and sunshine just in time for the show.










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