Mother Anna’s Pembroke Restaurant Review

February 25, 2015


Parmesan_Fettuccine_AlfredoAfter finding plenty of free parking, we were   greeted and seated with a smile in the warm Tuscan themed dining room. A big, segregated bar lined with tall glasses of fine wine and snifters of swirling Scotch to our left and the famous Italian kitchen to the right. Wine list was complete and the fare choices  extensive. The careful artwork on the high quality menus conveyed an attention to detail that we found throughout the establishment.  Service was fast and friendly provided by four different employees. Hostess, two waitress and a porter. The food was big, bold, North End style, Neapolitan delights, plated plentifully on large platters. The Alfredo, authentic and  traditional right down to the homemade fettuccine and fresh chopped garnish. The Chicken Marsala boasted a bronze, carmel sheen with tender saute chicken and mushrooms in  marsala reduction  atop a pile of linguine. Plate after plate of piled high masterpieces passed by us as the little  north end eatery did a brisk midweek business. Everything looked great causing some minor buyers remorse after our orders was taken.

Dinner for four with wine was about $ 150.00. We had a great experience and decided to leave a slightly heavy tip of $50.00. Judging by the servers gratitude she would have been just as happy with a $20.00,,,,

Mother Anna’s 46 Columbia Road, Pembroke MA 02359 Telephone #: 781.924.1955  Four thumbs up.