Motley Who? Dan Heary Not Impressed!

October 31, 2014


    1a  Truthfully I do not where to start.  Over 1200 concerts and I finally left one after four songs.  Motley Crue preformed [not really] at The Sun on Saturday for 10,000 folks that are stockholders in Anheuser Busch.  An overweight person next to us with long blond hair possessing a 12 oz. in each hand turned her head when someone named Buck” yelled “Martha”.
      My associate and I are very “bending” when it comes to reviews and plain ole’ listening to tunage.  We felt we were at a “cover band” club act with mini bonfires2 (6) [pyrotechnics].  The music was louder [much] than the lyrics [thank you]–130+ decibels.  We did not know what songs were sung nor care for it was NOISE.
      Vince Neil [lead] tossed “F” bombs around as much as possible with his “Friesian” outfit and tatted “bod” waddled across the 120′ stage.  Sixx, Mars and Lee, [all original members] did their “thing” as two loosely clad gals danced all over the stage.
       After going out of their way to be the bad boys of “rock and roll” truly involving drugs, alcohol and babes they literally had a permanent mail box at the Betty Ford Clinic.  They have been clean and sober [I think] for fifteen years and this is their last tour.  I do like many of their songs, but only downloads.  I had never experienced them live and will not have the opportunity again as I was looking forward to seeing Martha.
    3 (7)  I assume their encore was Girls-Girls-Girls but would have not recognized it for all was just plain old jumbled crap.  I know some folks were probably there and disagree, but 80′s “GRUNGE” is still back ordered on cassettes.
     I will grant the fact that the R&R market has been on hold.  Nickleback, Lincoln Park, and Coldplay are not “INXS” [rock band 13 out of 18 years] and companies are so dry they are re-releasing Micael Jackson songs.  So for now, it is switching the dial to Shelton, Urban, Swift, Chesney, Paisley, and Lady “A”….remember ?.  The ones you made fun of….lol
Dan: From next to Martha
FYI– There is only one groove in a record [not 33 or 45]