North Country Slow To Recover.

June 28, 2011


Signs like these dot many secondary roads in the north kingdom.


The flash floods of Memorial Day weekend in Northern New Hampshire and Vermont have left many secondary roads in need of repair. Gaping holes still exist, wherever streams crossed under the  street. Rte 135 from Littleton, New Hampshire to Dalton was hit very hard. Law Makers in Concord are scrambling to get the funds in place to fix the roads.

One month from the date of the flood that left people temporarily isolated, including some of my brothers and sisters, the repair work still has a long way to go. Local residents are still talking about the intensity of the rain as it fell from the sky. “We need some dry weather! ” lamented Don who has been rebuilding our road into the forest. “This was a bad set back but not as bad it could have been. Our redesign of the road and the widening saved us from disaster.

New Hampshire lawmakers will be working hard to get the road repairs done.

Summer has arrived in Northern New England and the local economies rely heavily on the tourists from outside the area to come and spend their money.
With all the rain have come the summer flowers; and this year’s fire- fly show was one of the best at our place in Vermont.

The daisies are everywhere this year!

So make sure when you head to the north country, you check with local authorities about any road closures or other issues.  And always make sure you have enough supplies with you in case it should happen again.

I look forward to Elmer's every visit!