July 28, 2016

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The Northeast Junior LEGION Regionals are being held

at Rockland Veterans Memorial Stadium

Hosted by The Rockland Athletic Club, Rockland Legion Post 147   on August 5th, 6th, and 7th

Teams from MA., RI., NH., ME., and Conn. will be playing to decide

the Regional Champion

This is a chance for people to see the up and coming baseball stars

from our Northeast Region now. This will not be back here for possibly

5 years from now.

Rockland will have their Post 147 Junior Legion team, the “Eagles”

playing in this tournament on Friday Night at 7pm

Admission to the tournament is $5 per session, and a session is

two games. Four games on Friday August 5th and Four games on

Saturday August 6th, with Two Games on Sunday to decide a Champion,

Runner-Up, and 3rd Place team

The Tournament is also made possible, by Main Sponsor Rockland Trust  and sponsors Rockland Athletic Supplies, N&R Auto, Players Sports Bar & Jac’s Café, Magoun Biggins Funeral Home, Rockland Bar & Grille, Mike’s Pizza, General Flooring, and Business Bookkeeping Services.



DAY DATE  GAME NO.  TIME                     TEAMS

FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 1  – 10:00 MA State Champ vs. RI Runner-Up

FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 2  – 12:30 NH State Champ vs. CT State Champ

FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 3 – 4:00 RI State Champ vs.MA State Runner-Up

FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 4 - 7:00 ME State Champ – So. Portland Post #35 vs.
MA Host – Rockland Post #147

SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 5 –  10:00 LG1 vs. LG2

SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 6  – 12:30 LG3 vs. LG4

SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 7  – 4:00 WG1 vs. WG2

SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 8  – 7:00 WG3 vs. WG4

SUN. AUG. 7 GAME 9  – 1:00 LG7 vs. LG8            Runner-Up & 3rd Place

MON. AUG. 7 GAME 10  – 4:00 WG7 vs. WG8            Champion