Nosh Tavern Spring Menu Launch Review

April 4, 2016


10502322_10206941852803533_5566614187305794170_nAfter much anticipation and promotion, I shirked my every responsibility this past Sunday and rode the early spring  polar vortex south to America’s home town.  In less than a half an hour I was hustling across main street in the middle of an April  sun-squall that was whipping through pilgrim town fueling my enthusiasm with raw energy  for the day ahead.

12439113_1042105809161825_4955859454342582677_nUpon arrival at the Nosh I was thrilled to see the famous Hayley Sablella  loading her own gear at the back door of the Tavern. I tried to maintain my composure and offered some assistance with the gear. In my world Hayley Sabella is like  Cheryl Crow or Joni Mitchel or maybe an a Alanis Morrisette or Chrissy Hynde. Sabella is one of the great singer songwriters of our day. Her CD’s are known by heart by myself and everyone who lives with me.  She gave me a warm greeting and was grateful for the help. I was already on cloud nine.



Photos by Dave Robertson Photography


Photos by Dave Robertson Photography

My three guests soon arrived  and we were able to secure a table and an excellent team of informed and empowered service staff. Fast and friendly the food and drink flowed throughout  the now fully packed eatery.  The Nosh Tavern back of the house and the table service  was nothing short of a world class, culinary powerhouse. The artistry of celebrity chef, Michael Morway was on parade as he released one masterpiece after another. The Donut Holes to the Duck Wings, the fare was  professional from the butcher’s pallette to the  presentation to my palate. One culinary wonder after another arrived promptly at our table with smiles, enthusiasm and pride.  The  BLT sandwich that had lured me south through a photo on social media was worth every one of the 1200 pennies on the price tag. The vinegar onions and gourmet sliced pickles along with a tower of hand-cut fries was outstanding, not to mention the “Super Bacon” and custom sauce that made this old fashioned standby  into a new world standard.


the Mayflower BLT: house-cured super bacon, heirloom tomato, baby arugula, roasted garlic aioli…on Jrake Hill’s house-made Mayflower Porter Oatmeal Bread! Photos by Dave Robertson Photography Jake Hill Mayflower Brewing Company





The bread, oh the bread, one of my guests said it best when she said “I can’t begin to explain how amazing this bread is.” Nosh Tavern’s resident professional baker, Jake Jrake Hill, has been honing his craft for months at bread camp. Never in my experience has a chef climbed so far, so fast in the dog eat dog world of the  high end food industry as Jay Kill has.


Our neighbor in the booth next to us  explained that the new baker was some sort of “bread savant” that Morway had taken under his wing and has been blowing minds with bread making all over Plymouth lately .

I told her that he also has had six hit records and was one of the great musicians responsible for the  Plymouth waterfront resurgence in the past several years. In fact, that is him right there on stage singing along side Hayley Sabella surrounded by  dozens of adoring fans.

Oh yeah, I one upped her for sure.


The Nosh Tavern does not disappoint, (well except for Tim), World class food and service located in the heart of downtown Plymouth. Cutting edge new world culinary creations that rival anything in Boston or beyond. Creative cocktails and an ample beer lists makes the Nosh Tavern well worth the trip.

Billington Sea played a  fantastic show and for a few moments I was actually able to concentrate on the music in the midst of the packed Tavern of energetic  and chatty Nosh fans. gives the Nosh Tavern High Marks

Food, Ten

Beers and Drinks, Ten

Table Service,  Nine

Entertainment,  Ten

Bar service and greeting, Not yet rated.