Obie’s Bench Dedication on Castle Island Report

August 26, 2013


DSC08857The picture postcard weather at Castle Island Sunday stood in stark contrast to the severe lightning storm that claimed the life of our beloved friend Steve O’Brien only a couple short years ago. The effects of that storm still leaves the family and friends of Steve reeling in a torrent of grief. Words cannot describe the devastating effects of that ┬ásingle bolt of lightening that stole the life of one of Rockland’s finest men on August ninth two thousand and ten.



This day we gathered along the walkway that Steve loved so much to pay respect for our fallen friend, father, husband and grandfather. Even three years passing can not dilute the great sense of loss and sorrow we all feel and our heartfelt sympathy for Debbie, Steve jr, Erin and Kelly who struggle everyday to live their lives without their hero and mentor.


Today we gathered at the very spot where he was struck down to dedicate a park bench in his honor. The Stephan O’Brien Memorial Park Bench sits as a monument to the guy that so many loved and will miss forever. Through our tears we all dedicated this special memorial in his honor.


If you ever have a chance to visit this beautiful place be sure to say a prayer for the loved ones that were left behind when this great friend was struck down at the dark sad day only a few summers past.

Here are some pictures from the event.


Copy of DSC08848


Hey Al, when are they going to name a park bench after me? Soon John, Soon.

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