October comes to the Ewell Trail

October 1, 2012


The great North Woods is approaching peak foliage while most of Rockland still looks like late summer. The seasonal clock is ticking away, however, evidenced by the first  few bursts of color appearing on early bloomers all over greater Rockvegas.  This is the second year of leaf peeping on the young Ewell trail system and it is shaping up to be the best of the two.  Already, the golden beech leaves are dotting the trail and young maples start the transition over to candy apple red.




This Beech nut looks ready to eat outside this critter hole.

Plenty of ground water and a thick canopy of tree cover create the perfect conditions for wild mushrooms. A wide variety of fungi grow tall and wide in all kinds of shapes and sizes along the trail.  Brooks gurgle aloud as every forest creature from chipmunk to bobcat and a hundred species of bird start their winter preparations.

As October grows older,  the spectacular flora will blaze pastel before your eyes  from the trail head to the Blue Hills reservation.  Boulder and timber, holly and pine become illuminated in the late afternoon sun creating one of the most beautiful properties in all of Rockvegas.  But do not dare to procrastinate even a moment before the Witch of November comes stealing. Then we will only be able to witness  all that splendid beauty and stunning color from the teeth of a plastic rake.

The Ewell trail is a great spot to get out and enjoy October.  However, the trails are not even halfway as long as they will be.  Derek and the crew are currently expanding, improving and re-clearing the trail system every chance they get. We meet on Wednesdays at five PM at the trail head on Beech Hill.  Plenty of free parking. With a dozen man hours, we can complete the loop that will make for a 2.2 mile walk, never touching the same trail twice.

Do you live in Millbrook, French’s Crossing, Stand Pipe, Crestview  or Beech Street? This trail is a huge asset to your neighborhood. Come out and see the fun and satisfaction that comes from improving this jewel for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.