Ode to Richard

May 13, 2016


13166050_1064184373620635_5821026047045488939_nRichard Welch of Welch Healthcare Group has built  a legacy of excellence in the art of operating  long term care facilities for seven decades. Even as a child, his vocation of providing comfort and care to the elderly population was part of his everyday life.  What began with his mother taking in a border in the 1940′s  grew into a multi million dollar Health Care group that has given the best  comfort, dignity, residence and healthcare to tens of thousands of our elderly as well as providing tens of thousands of good jobs. A company recognized and awarded as the absolute best in the business year in and year out.  Richard Welch was there every step of the way. Even though his company generated revenues in the hundreds of millions annually Richard Welch was content to drive a humble vehicle, live in a humble home and quietly  raise a great hard working family that are among the nicest, down to Earth folks around. Richard was constantly working in his nursing homes ensuring that the Welch reputation was upheld. He didn’t do it in a plush comfortable  office or over the phone from somewhere like Palm Springs, he did at the bedsides of his residents and  in the dish rooms and laundry rooms of  his nursing homes. He would call everyone by their name and listen to their concerns with respect, patience and a genuine desire to make things better any way he could. A simple walk down an isle would often take Richard an hour or more as he would stop and talk to the people who lived and worked under his roof. He always made notes and always followed up on everything he said he would do. Richard attended thousands of wakes and funerals, spoke at hundreds of events as a pillar of the industry always putting the needs of others before himself. Richard Welch smashed all the negative stereotypes of a nursing home owner  with his professional appearance, his unwavering  kindness, his abundant generosity and his true  love for all those around him.  Richard’s mother wrote in her book that Richard began working in the long term care industry at age 5. The nursing home business is one of the few business’s that never close. For nearly three quarters of a century spanning some 25,000 work days Richard has been at the helm. Through holidays and hurricanes, through war and peace, through tragedies and miracles, through depressions and recoveries always  adjusting to  the constant winds of change and the grueling burden of over regulation he and his brother Mike  guided the  family  treasure through storms and along perilous shores to deliver it safely into port and hand it down in perfect working condition.

On June 1st, Richard will officially  hand the reigns of his empire over to Bane Health Care Group which has pledged to continue the Welch legacy in our communities for generations to come.


Richard Welch is the last of his kind, a man  dedicated to his craft, committed to his people and determined to pay attention to every detail from his personal appearance to the curb appeal of the property and everything in between. He has fought the good fight and left a stellar reputation, a legacy of excellence and selfless service to others.

On June first  The Welch Company will be fully transferred and one of the most caring, decent and hard working men I have ever known will finally get a real day off.

Well Done Richard Welch Very Well Done Indeed.

Enjoy your retirement sir!