Overnight Crash lands two in the hospital and evacuates homeowners.

October 25, 2013


DSC09253(1)1376556_618214828217594_2069482553_n 1384382_618214834884260_1278667109_n 1383028_618214831550927_1329112336_n 540730_618214824884261_2042156473_nTwo Hanson men were taken to  South Shore Hospital early this morning after a spectacular high speed crash. The driver, traveling south on  Beech Hill at a very dangerous and notorious curve, lost control of the vehicle which left the roadway into the woods about 30 yards from the crash site. The car passed between two huge beech trees barely wide enough for the car to pass through before plowing into a 38 ft RV, pushing it ten feet forward and flipping the car over and landing on another vehicle parked in the driveway.  Both the driver and passenger managed to extract themselves from the vehicle while awaiting rescue workers. The battered and bloodied pair were taken to South Shore Hospital. Firefighters had to evacuate the home owners because  a 100-pound propane tank on the RV was punctured and leaking gas.