Raise a Glass to Obie!

August 8, 2011


Tomorrow Tuesday at 7 pm there will be a glass raising ceremony to celebrate the life of Steve O’Brien. Please joins us in honoring this very special man’s life at the Banner Irish Pub.  Brenda and Eddy would like to have all of Obie’s friends and family come out to the Banner to raise a glass on the one year anniversary of his passing. Please take a moment to come out for this Rocklandite who was taken long before his time.

Steve Volunteers at the Lions Bike Run 2010.

Steve Volunteers at the tree sale. He could quote the Christmas tree purchase scene from the movie A Christmas Story verbatim.



Steve volunteers at the Texas Holdem Tournament.  He had a joke for every occasion.

The man truly loved his wife and set her on  a pedestal


He made fast friends and always made everyone feel welcome and important.


Steve was the kind of guy you wanted in your corner. He was a real man, a man of love, fight, dedication and loyalty.   

 Come raise a glass in memory of a man who was taken way too soon.