Randalin Randy Ralston, Grace under Fire

March 22, 2015



Randy and Mary Pat giving back at the Lions Breakfast.


The brawn behind the brains, Randy’s man, JR Ralston.


Randy Rides for the Blind.













There are few lion7town officials in Rockland with the years of experience of Randy Ralston. Ralston served for decades under Town Clerk, Mary Pat  as a loyal and tireless assistant. Ralston sought the big seat herself for years but never turned on her boss even when she changed her mind and  decided to stay on for another term. Ralston served the clerks office and the town with grace, patience and poise. When it came time for Randy to to take the big desk she faced fierce opposition from a wildly popular selectman in Debbie O’Brien.  Randy and her campaign worked feverishly and secured the seat. Now, one term in, Randy faces the worst kind of opposition. A subordinate turned opponent. Randy’s assistant town clerk, has decided to run against her for the  Town’s Clerk seat. Wanting the bosses job and thinking you can do it better is commonplace in the private sector as well as the public sector. However elected positions are a far different animal. The wanna-be in this case has the ability to undermine the department by  accentuating the negative and burying the positive aspects of the town Clerk’s office everyday from the bully pulpit,  all while being paid to do the opposite. It also handcuffs Ralston from dealing with any job performance issues that might be misconstrued  as politically motivated.


Randy volunteers!


For most of us this would be a sentence worse than death to endure t his work environment where  your assistant has made her motives known to get you fired and take your job.  It must be hard enough to do the job with all the normal pressures let alone having a trusted friend and employee actively working toward your demise.Ralston has stood tall and professional proving her character once again for the Rockland people.

I guess they don’t call politics the blood sport for nothing.

Rocklandnews.com wholeheartedly endorses Randilan Randy Ralston for town Clerk. A time tested public servant who has made a life of serving the town of Rockland both in public and behind the scenes.