Retchless about to drop a bombshell!

March 5, 2015


plN4vuxs800px-Historic_Rockland_High_School,_Rockland_MAChatter has it that Superintendent John  Retchless is a about to take a machete approach to the beleaguered Rockland Day Care program.  Sources say Retchless will recommend abruptly closing the day care at the end of June leaving parents and workers scrambling. Retchless will make his recommendation at Mondays SC meeting. Supporters of the program are already rallying a response, some asking why the fully attended, subsidized program is losing money while private operators flourish.

Retchless has been no fan of the program since taking over the superintendent’s job and it’s 20 plus million dollar annual budget. Retchless was denied the additional funds he sought in last April’s  override vote and has warned that cuts would need to be made.


The Rockland Day Care program appears to have  been a successful well run program for decades in Rockland. This will be a devastating loss for many hard working Rockland parents and their children. Some blame new regulations enacted last years that would make it impossible for the program to comply while others say this is simply low hanging fruit and the best way to make the biggest impact to voters who denied the increase in funds. One parent we spoke to recommended a full audit of the program prior to making any decisions.