Reverend Allan Chiocca Gives Blessing at Lion Bike Run

July 25, 2011


Allan Ooga Chiocca has been called a lot of things in his storied career; however, Reverend has never been one of them. Most people do not know that Chiocca is an official licensed minister from the Church of What’s Happening Babe in California. Recently, Lions President Al Barr asked Chiocca if he would bless the bikes at the Fourth Annual Lions Bike Run to fight blindness. Many feared Chiocca would use the opportunity for some comedic expression. Instead, they got the very best of Chiocca. His blessing was given over the megaphone of a State Police cruiser and went like this:

Please bow your heads…


May we take a moment to remember our friends not with us in body today, but always in our hearts. May we never forget those who lost their lives on 911.

Lord, please bless this event and bring everyone home safely. Please help us and others to be courteous riders and drivers and to share the road with others.

Watch over us, Lord, and all our Lion’s friends, as they continue to do your work  here on Earth.

Please remind our riders not to travel faster than your angels can fly


Go in peace, in the name of Jesus Christ.