Reverse Curve Live @ Rock Vegas Grill

March 4, 2012


When you talk about the local rock and roll scene, one name  in all of Rockvegas stands out -  as a pioneer and a  mainstay.  Patrick Cambio has been making and managing Rockland’s great music and music makers for five decades.  From the incredible Amy Rome and Beaver Connors in the 60′s to the latest Rockland rooted rockers of Blind Ambition and Tomato Jonez, Cambio has been there. Now, Cambio and his wife, Donna, have assembled an excellent collection of musicians for Pat’s latest project known as Reverse Curve.

Reverse Curve is comprised of Donna Cambio: Founder and lead vocals;  Peter Royal: Lead Guitar and vocals;  Jimmy (Landou) Randolph: Drums;  Dave Cardoza: guitar; and  Patrick Cambio: Keyboards.

These five seasoned rockers took to the stage just steps from Union Street this past Saturday night at the all-new Rock Vegas Grill.  Reverse Curve is not your average rock and roll band.  Gone was the thud-in-the-chest, driving rock sound that can overwhelm a small venue like this one. Sound man Dave “Tenzenz” Zeninger worked the board masterfully, creating a smooth, even sound at the perfect volume. Donna Cambio was on the money, ripping out song after chick rock song that thrilled the gathering crowd of Rocklandites to the dance floor time and again.The band was able to create a solid wall of sound that blended keys, riffs , licks, chords, vocals and drums into a seamless tapestry of pure live rock and roll delight.


Reverse Curve is one more shining example of the excellence, diversity and depth of the local music scene. These hard-working musicians love what they are doing and that love shows through one tune after another.

Reverse Curve, Great Show! Great Band!