Riding into Hell Rudy Childs’ World Premier Rockumentary.

March 7, 2016


imagesRocking  Rudy Childs of Rockland has done it again. Rudy has produced and premiered  a full length, professionally doctored and  wildly entertaining, heavy metal music documentary. Rudy unveiled this latest creative wonder of his last Thursday night to a packed out function hall at the historic Thomas Crane Quincy Library. Thirty years in the making, Childs’ masterpiece includes his own vintage video footage giving an up close and personal look at the heavy metal industry in 1984. Childs spotlights  an almost famous heavy metal band known as Forcer from his insiders perspective. The documentary is narrated by Childs who’s familiar voice flows pleasingly  throughout the rock doc describing some incredible and colorful characters and events from the heavy metal scene in 1984 both now and then.photo

Riding into Hell is an edgy, funny, historically accurate review of one band’s ride to the doorstep of stardom.Childs masterfully weaves the year’s news and entertainment highlights with the Forcer story using his creative talents and golden throat  to transport the viewer back in time to 1984.

The hundreds of spirited fans that packed out the Quincy auditorium  laughed out loud at times and fell silent and somber at 12804742_1020671244638615_6124229430834208563_nothers. Childs did a magical job of incorporating his one of a kind footage of young metal fans with images of Walter Mondale, the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” old lady and dozens of  other historical media highlights that gives  the audience a clearer perspective on the life and times of Forcer in that faithful year .


Riding into hell is by all rights a cinematic marvel when one considers the sole creator actually lived, narrated and  recorded the entire content of the doc himself. Childs uses his own footage and masterfully blends in the the days and times of 1984 that will leave you laughing, crying and wondering how anyone ever survived. Riding into Hell 1984   rekindles the fire of  the year 1984 as well as becoming an excellent historical account capturing the year in an accurate and entertaining 90 minute joy ride.


12832508_1020671057971967_71404137690129853_nThe Childs Rocumentary is loaded with local Rockland roots, featuring appearances by the late great Robbie MacDonald to an in12801363_10206007038790462_5686890567075176883_n depth interview with the lovely Colleeen Murphy. A young, buff, Dale  Lourenco appears in one of the beach scenes with his bikini clad, young bride Yvonne.  Rudy and other members of the  Childs family  make cameo appearances throughout the film. There are many more to see  also when yoy see the film.

Childs has submitted his Rockumenary to all the major film festivals where we’re sure it will win high accolades all over the world.

Rudy Childs is no stranger to success, aside from managing the band, Forcer, Childs also created and produced Ball Room Boxing which appeared on HBO and has also been to China several times promoting American boxing with Iron Mike Tyson.He is well known in the rock industry as well with friends in Lynard Skynard,  Molly Hatchet , J Geils Band and a dozen other big name bands he has known over the course of four decades.




1984 Riding into Hell has it all. Great music, amazing footage, hysterical comedy, historical media, colorful characters along with plenty of sex drugs and rock and roll.

Rocking Rudy Childs  Keeping the Rock in Rockland for forty years!