Rocking Rudy Childs Does it again!

February 11, 2014


Title: The Wolfpack by Steel Assassin.
Total Run Time 5:10
Youtube location:
Produced by Rudy Childs
The term “The Wolfpack” refers to the mass attack tactics used by the Kriegsmarine in German submarines called U-boats during the World War II battles in the Atlantic. Steel Assassin, the heavy metal band from Massachusetts, wrote the song “The Wolfpack” for their most recent release WWII: Metal Of Honor, dedicated to the men and women that served gallantly in World War II.  It is also the latest music video produced by Rudy Childs from this concept album.  The video features vintage propaganda films of the U-boats as they prepare torpedoes and attack unsuspecting vessels. Contemporary shots of the band are woven into the old footage, featuring the twin Flying-V guitar attacks of Kevin Curran and Mike Mooney. We get a feel for the life at sea in the midst of high tension and battle. Aggressive front man John Falzone sings of their plight, backed by the barrage-of-hellfire rhythm section featuring Phil Grasso on bass guitar and Greg Michalowski on drums, all trademarks of the Steel Assassin style. 
Steel Assassin formed in 1982 and have four full length releases: From the Vaults, War of the Eight Saints, In Hellfire Forged and most recently, WWII: Metal of Honor. They are also featured on Metal Blade Records Metal Massacre 6. The band continues to keep the metal fire burning with ongoing creative endeavors.
Steel Assassin’s lead guitarist Kevin Curran stated “After working with Rudy on the ‘Blitzkrieg Demons’ video last year, the release received very positive feedback, and we had a blast doing it. We all agreed to do another one, and Rudy is as enthusiastic about metal & Steel Assassin as he is about filmmaking — a great collaborative vibe all around. We hope Steel Assassin fans enjoy this one.”
Rudy Childs Resume:
Award-winning producer Rudy Childs began his avocation in rock and roll photography in 1978, creating a vast catalog of artist shots, with credits in magazines including Billboard.  His work  has also appeared in some of the books by renowned rock writer Martin Popoff.
2010  Childs provided footage and helped famed producer Jeff Krulik created the prequel to his cult classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The subject matter recorded by Childs in 1985 was affectionately called Heavy Metal Picnic, and was featured in film festivals around the world.
2011  Childs set out on his own and produced Tension: 25 Years Underground that featured Marty Friedman in his first band at age 14. The full-length documentary went on to play internationally and won top prizes at several film festivals.
2012  Childs went on to produce the music video “Silent Calls” by Alloy 20 which won Best Alternative Metal Video at the World Music and International Film Festival.
2013  Childs, a huge fan of traditional metal, teamed up with Steel Assassin after hearing their most recent release WWII: Metal of Honor and produced the music video “Blitzkrieg Demons” from that album. With the positive response from their first endeavor, Rudy and the band went on to produce a second music video, “The Wolfpack.”
For more information contact Rudy Childs at or (301) 277-3357
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