Rockland Campers Finish the Season with a Howl!

October 29, 2012


Andy Cap provided some live music on Friday

The 2012 camping season officially ended for hundreds of Rocklandites last week-end with the closing for the season of Gateway to Cape Cod Resort in Rochester, MA. For fourteen straight seasons, the Rockland faithful have flocked to the former  KOA campground in the heart of cranberry country from April to October. Multiple families with Rockland ties visit the four-star resort as often as they can for fun, fellowship and family time after paying their annual dues. The humble bog-side resort provides great wooded campsites and a big beautiful pool along with just enough amenities  to make it a great nearby getaway only 25 miles from the Rockland border. The final week-end of the year is  always “Trick or Treat” theme and it creates  the busiest day of the year for the resort, filling every campsite and cabin. Campers can expect to dole out over three hundred pieces of candy as droves and droves of costumed revelers fill the pine-padded paths from 4 to 7 pm on Saturday .

Kiley May takes a walk with Great Grampa and Nana

Friends and fiends

Boys will be girls

and men will be girls

Mickey and Em, a lifetime at ODW

Like the Umpa Lumpa dee do! Chef Tim and Angie

We were following this guy around all night

Pixie sticks, the gateway food to a Big Gulp

The 2012 camping season at Gate Way to Cape Cod Resort was a blast. As usual, the time flies by too fast; and we all wished we had found more time to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family at Outdoor World Rochester.

By 12 noon, the season had ended; and the yellow wood most traveled breathed a sigh of relief for another six months of peace and quiet.