Rockland Friends Charity Softball Game Report . Photos by Al Mcphee

June 21, 2012


The 2012  First Annual Rockland Friends Charity softball game was a home run. When stunning Stephen Murphy of Rockland Hills has a chance to catch his breath, while juggling  a half-dozen kids, a multi-million dollar corporation, and his  duties as Park Commissioner, good things always happen. Murphy joined forces with the founders of the annual Christmas Stroll, Rockland Friends, to raise funds for this year’s Stroll.  All tolled, the game brought in close to five thousand dollars to put towards the huge cost to run the annual event.  The game was held last Saturday at the crown jewel of Rockland,  Memorial Stadium.  Murphy secured the services of the award-winning  Cue and a Half Men competition BBQ team  to handle the concessions. The team of Bubbalicous Minahan and Mike McInnis put on an early summer evening’s  feast for the fans and players alike.

The two team rosters read like the who’s who of Rockland politics. The teams were named for their sponsors State Representative Rhonda Nyman and State Senator Bill Keenan. The most awkward moment of the day came when Tea Party rising star and candidate for State Rep, Korey Welch, was forced to wear a Keenan team jersey.  Korey Welch and Mark McQuier represented the  Rockland Lions Club at the event. The Rockland Eagles also had great representation, including Rocklandnews Pro Football Pick ‘Em Champion, Frankie “Too Easy” Aicardi to play for the Bird. The Knights of Columbus, Rockland Fire, Rockland Police, Rockland Parks, Bob Biggins,  and a whole host of great Rocklandites came together to make this first annual event a huge success.

Team Nyman had the deck stacked with natural athletes. From basketball’s Bob Mahoney to RPD Domestic Violence officer and fine physical specimen, Sue Llewellyn, Team Nyman lit up the outfield with smash hit after smash hit. Chief Law and Order kept the Keenan bats quiet with expert pitching, resulting in a 31 to 13 thrashing of the freshman senator’s squad.


Team Nyman

Team Keenan



Check out all Al McPhee’s great photos of the event on his Facebook page.

Here is an email from Stunning Stephen:

A quick Thank You to everybody for your participation in the event over the weekend. I think the final result was well beyond what we could have expected, especially for the first crack at it. Best guess right now is that the net profit after expenses is going to be close to $5,000.00 which is simply amazing for a night out with a bunch of knuckleheads trying to be athletes!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, stayed away from injuries and took away some good laughs and memories. Next year is certainly a reality after that success. We are open to any suggestions for improvements or otherwise.

From the committee, thanks once again; and we will see you around our great town.



Stephen J Murphy

Vice President & General Manager