Rockland Friends to Shell out 1000 Clams for Fifth Annual Mediocre Fest.

November 9, 2011


The Rockland Friends have decided to self fund the fifth appearance of the Chowder Booth at their Fifteenth Annual Rockland Christmas Stroll this year. In years past the infamous “mediocre at best clam chowder” was paid for by various politicians including the late Great Robert Nyman. Last year it was Bill “Bubbalicous” Minahan shelling out the clams for the one thousand cups of white soup. The clam chowder is a replica of the famous clam chowder served at Jimmy’s Harbor side in Boston for fifty years. The preparation takes nearly two days leading up to the event. Some sixty gallons of New England tradition are cooked and cooled then transported to Rockland center only an hour before the event. The chowder is then mixed with hot cream and brought up to temperature nine gallons at a time on the brand new three burner propane stove and served piping hot to 1000 Rocklanidtes the night of the stroll.

The propane is donated by Hoadly Plumbing every year.



The chowder booth would not be complete without Rockland Harbor Master Larry Ryan manning the fire cage. Elmer stokes the old industrial fire barrel to a roaring flame and uses nearly a cord of hardwood in one night to keep the Christmas Stroll revelers warm. The fire wood is donated by South Shore Loam formerly Read and Sand and Gravel.   

Rockland Fire Department is always in the Christmas Spirit giving 100 percent co operation to 

Making a third annual appearance this year is Rockland Favorite son Stephen Murphy of Milbrook. Murphy will have his Atlantic Coffee beverage station along side the chowder serving up flavored hot beverages for free.                                     

It just wouldn’t be Christmas in Rockvegas without the Road Runners Duo. These Banner regulars step all year long for Rockland. From the Rockland Lions Club to the Stroll to all kinds of fundraisers Mike Hyland and Billy Boucher come through time and time again.. will have a donation jug at the booth again this year. Rockland citizens are always more than generous stuffing the jug with hundreds of dollars in donations. This year’s donations are more important than ever with the lack of a big money sponsor for the 1000.00 chowder tab. That 1000.00 goes strictly for the food needed to make the chowder. All the labor equipment and smiles are all donated free.

 Rockland Friends, Making Rockland A great Place to Stroll.

Delightful Debbie O’Brien and Uncle Jerry, along with a whole host of characters will  be on hand to help sling the soup.

Rockland Friends, Making Rockland a Great Place to Stroll for Fifteen Years!