Rockland is Seeking the next Home of the Week

November 5, 2012


As the leaves drop and the temperature decreases, so does the home-listing inventories.  Over the past twelve months, many of the South Shore communities, including Rockland, have had a significant decrease in inventory.  Buyer’s are realizing that the likelihood of rates getting any lower are slim and the chance of home values rising are becoming reality.

This weekends Patriot Ledger had an article stating that, ”Year-to-date median single-family home prices have risen in 14 South Shore communities” and Rockland being one of them at almost 10%!  So to put that in perspective, last years $250,000 home is now pushing a value of $275,000!  The slight rise in home values, combined with a low supply of inventory is creating a DEMAND for these motivated Buyer’s to get in before we see a rise in rates, too!

Why list now?  I have heard all the objections a Realtor could imagine about listing a home in the winter;  ”It’s such a hassle to show a home during the holidays,” ”my home doesn’t show as well in the winter” and “I would rather take advantage of the Spring Market“.  If you are wanting to sell your home, doesn’t it make sense to list when there is less inventory (competiotion) and lots of motivated Buyer’s (demand) or,  list with all the other Seller’s trying to take advantage of the ever popular “Spring Market”?

If you are thinking of selling your home, let’s talk about what the current market holds for your homes value and discuss some ideas to potentially increase it!

Nicole Condon, Realtor                                                                                                                                                                              Keller Williams Realty