Rockland Man Gives Back to “The Club that Has No Fun!”

December 9, 2015


12032910_10207608892918833_7956869896881412668_o (1)Tom tells the story about a few years back when money was tight and there just wasn’t fifty bucks left in the budget to buy a family Christmas Tree. A chance encounter with a Rockland Lion on the day before Christmas Eve and Morrison shows up at home with the biggest and best tree ever. Tommy never forgot how that tree thrilled the kids and made for a great Christmas in the worst of times. Fast forward a few years to another chance encounter and Morrison is pledging to buy ten Christmas Trees From the Rockland Lions Club Tree Sale  to be given away free in Rockland.  Last night Tom Morrison doubled down at the pledge and is set to give away ten trees at his own expense.






Thanks for stepping up and giving back Tom!

Do you know anyone who needs a Christmas Tree this year? Contact Tom