Rockland Man Makes a Big Splash with International Governor

January 13, 2014


1507716_659912540721587_1991492262_n (1)Rockland favorite son, Tommy Reardon, brought shock and awe to the annual district Lions Club convention Saturday in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Reardon was loaded down with bags of cold, hard,  Rockvegas  cash donated by the Rockland Eagles, The Knights of Columbus and  the Banner Irish pub along with dozens of generous Rocklandites.  All totaled, Tommy took in 1200.00 dollars in cash donations which he presented to the International district governor from Australia at the festivities.1521669_659912530721588_805972141_n Considering there were five other contestants and the grand total raised was just over $2000.00, Tommy was head and shoulders above the competition.  However, the “most money raised trophy” was not enough to satisfy Reardon.  Tommy wanted more for Rockland King Lion, Jay Lahey, and more is what Tommy got. When the pool splash dried and the votes were counted, Tommy Reardon, 1546394_659912467388261_1016917730_nrepresenting the Rockland Lions Club, took three of the five trophies. Most Money Raised, Best Costume, and Biggest Splash. Tommy’s biggest splash was a  bone-jarring, self-sacrificial stinging splat that echoed through balconies followed by the simultaneous  groan of  hundreds of onlookers. A thunderous applause and a perfect score of five from all five judges secured Reardon’s place in infamy.


This was Tommy’s second year in the competition and he has quickly become a crowd favorite with Lions Club members all over the globe. This marks the first time in the Rockland  club’s history taking three out of five Belly Flop Trophies and also the most money raised by any member from any club.




The Rockland Lions Club Salutes our1606844_659912220721619_257573524_n (1) great members, Tommy and Morita Reardon, for being shining stars at this year’s convention. Rockland Lions Club – The Club That has No Fun   1507716_659912540721587_1991492262_n (1)