Rockland Mom Saves Man’s Life While Her Family Watches.

March 25, 2013


Local Super Mom, Michelle Johnson, became a local hero last night by saving the life of a man who was choking and went into cardiac arrest while she dined with her family at the Barker Tavern.  Her husband, Rockland Selectman Michael Johnson, tweeted this report last night after the incident:

“Let me just say, my wife is amazing.  Tonight, Michelle,  Tyler and I were just finishing up dinner at the Barker Tavern when an elderly gentleman nearby began to choke and lost consciousness. She immediately took control, laid him on the floor and began to compress until she dislodged the food and he began to breathe. Then it got worse, and he lost his pulse.  She began chest compressions and began barking out orders.  By the time the EMTs arrived 15 minutes late,r he had a pulse and was breathing. She saved the guy’s life. It was amazing. This is not the first time I saw her do something like this.  Luckily, she just renewed her advanced life support certificate. I feel very safe with her!!!!”

In this day and age, it is an awesome thing to behold a fellow citizen being so totally selfless and courageous.  In a day where bystanders would rather videotape an emergency than deal with it,  this man had one chance in the universe to survive last night; and that chance was Michelle Johnson. How many of us would have pushed back or called 911 or even looked the other way? salutes Michelle Johnson for having the character to help, the courage to act, and the training to save lives.