Rockland Rail Trail Project, Slow Train Coming!

June 27, 2011


Rockland Rail Trail

As of 12am this morning, workers unleashed havoc on the Old Colony Rail Road  line in front of the Banner Irish Pub. The ancient train track will be picked apart piece by piece leaving in its place a compacted 2.5 mile dirt pathway that will wind from Abington to Hanover through the heart of Rockvegas. The trail will be for completely nonmotorized use and will be perfect for hiking, biking, walking, running and strolling.  The path will open many opportunities for Rockland residents to safely walk to area attractions like Memorial Stadium, the new Middle School, the golf course, Dunkin Donuts, The Banner and area stores.

Town administrator Allan Ooga Chiocca is thrilled with the project. “I am glad to see the final leg of this project come to fruition,” he stated.

The rail trail project has been placed on the news back burner lately with all the projects going on in  town. The new school, the new sidewalks, and the new Beech Hill bike trail have been stealing  all the attention  from this great project as of late.

The rail trail project fits perfectly with Donald Cann’s lifelong vision of an “emerald necklace” all around Rockland. Cann has already set the gears in motion to have a “Friends of the Rail Trail Committee” that will maintain this newest Rockland treasure.

The Iron Horse Preservation Society is the company handling the Rail Trail Project. The company has already completed hundreds of miles of rail trails taking only the scrap metal as payment. Iron Horse has a stellar reputation and positive feedback from every town they have served in the past.  The rail trail isn’t being celebrated by everyone though. One land owner whose property abuts the new trail, who we will name only as Dave, has strong reservations about it.” I think crime will go up around my house  because of this trail,” he told “When I spoke up, people said that there will be less crime, not more. I  answered that contention by saying, Tell me, how can there be less crime when we have none out there now?” Other abutters worry about privacy issues with people walking only steps from their homes in some cases. will continue to monitor the project and keep you informed of  the progress that the  Iron Horse Preservation Society  is making. The company promises they will not leave town until the project is complete.

The Iron Horse Preservation Society -  Making Rockland A Great Place to Walk!