Rockland School Custodian makes Bite Me Bait Co Kayak Team

July 8, 2011


"I showed them." laughed AC

The Bite Me Bait Co kayak team has gained a new  member. Applicant Crovo passed his maiden voyage with flying colors. “It was a rush when I first launched. I started paddling and before I knew it, I was all alone with no one in sight.”  laughed AC. ” I never knew they could move along that swiftly.”

We met where we always do -  at Anita Maries for breakfast. It’s there that we made the finals plans for the trip. “Starting off the day with a good meal and a hot cup of coffee is the way to go when you are heading out on a kayak adventure.” says Flann. “Now I’m ready -  let’s go! Thanks Vivian!” she yelled as we set out on our way. So with trucks all loaded with gear, we headed down Rte 58 to our destination in Wareham. Tremont Nail Factory is an abandoned building  just off Rte 28 that has been taken over by the state. There is a well- maintained car top boat launch located at the rear of the lot. Follow the signs and there is plenty of parking.

Plenty of signs


"Mar-e makes it look easy!

So we all got in the water without mishap or blood spilled, but that wouldn’t last long. Our next obstacle was the two bridges that blocked our way. Elmer led the way but with an incoming tide, a swirling current, and not much room…. Rock Bottom was first to hit and only cut his head slightly. Mar-e scraped the girders, too, and has some good scratches to brag about. The rest of us made it, but not without a few moments of doubt. From there it was nothing short of wonderful.

"Oh Boy, here we go!" Looks huge up close!

The wind was in our face on the way out and the bay a little choppy, but that only promised to make our trip back much easier. We headed across the bay to a little private beach area, watching a pair of osprey diving and catching fish to bring home to the chicks they are raising.

Lunch on a little strip of beach in the middle of the harbor. Just what the doctor ordered.
AC aces his first landing!
Rock Bottom and Flann enjoy watching the “New Guy”

AC makes his first landing in a kayak and declared “I’m going to get myself one of these.”  Meanwhile, the Grand Poobah and Flann enjoyed a moment of rest and relaxation. Jimdogg tried to catch dinner but no fish wanted to co-operate with him. “This is the life!” he said.

Hello from Jimdogg and the Bite Me Bait Co

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Elmer Mudguaard