Rockland School Superintendent Joins the Masses! By Elmer

August 25, 2011


As if running a school department in this day and age isn’t busy enough.  Add building a new school on top of that and you have one busy man.  At the addiction vigil last night,  he was  asked how the summer “Vacation” was going? When the laughing stopped,  Superintendent Retchless announced that he had become an American citizen July 21, 2011 . There were congratulatory hand shakes and hugs all around for the leader of our school department. He shared the process with us and it meant interviews with FBI and other agencies to determine if he was fit to be an American. (They should have come to Rockland and see what he has accomplished.) And like any government process, it cost more than a few  dollars to start it going. Stop by and welcome him to citizenship and have him share his story with you. That’s if you can get him away from the job. Congratulations, John. Thanks for the great job you do for the people of Rockland.