Rockland Youth Football Gets Super Bowl Triple Crown!

November 20, 2012


Congratulations to Tom McSweeny Mites Coach

Wayne Leander, President.  Pee Wee Coach Jeff Armstrong and 1999 Bulldog Legend and current Midget Coach Brad “Vegas” Begley.


I wanted to take a few days before I followed up with everyone to thank you all for the support, & dedication it took to have such a successful season. It is not easy to have a clean sweep at all levels which we did, very impressive. Our Mites did not allow a point scored on them all season, when was the last time you saw that happened? Our Peewees would score just about every time they touched the ball. Our Midgets played better team football, & grew as a team better than any group that I have seen come through the program. What we did best was we came together as a community on Sunday, & those that came to the games know exactly what I mean. I don’t think you could describe that feeling in words. Growing up in Rockland I have seen this before, and it is the exact reason I decided that I want my children to grown up in this town. I can’t thank the coaches, players & parents enough for all the time given since we started this ride on August 9th! We plan on having a banquet at some point for the teams. RYF will be paying for trophies for all the teams that won a Super Bowl, we have also picked out sweatshirts for the boys that the parents are responsible for paying for. The cost will be 27 for youth size, & 29 for adult sizes. We will be doing equipment return on Saturday where we will need a check, or cash for the sweatshirts on Saturday along with the size your son takes.

Please return all equipment & uniforms should be clean please. We will be doing returns at the football shed at the following times.
Might’s at 9:00
Midget’s at 10:00

PeeWee’s at 11:00

This text copied from RYF website. Auther unknown.  Please post any pictures or accounts on this great accomplishment in the talkback.

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