Annual Awards 2013

December 30, 2013


As the twilight fades to black on this once new year known as 2013, we here at take time to reflect back on the most influential and noteworthy people whose efforts have illuminated our pages and enriched our lives. These folks are selected by a sophisticated equation that factors in popularity, political position, customer feedback and some good ole fashion patronizing along with a hearty dose of “what have you done for us lately”.  The following exceptional people were selected for Annual Awards after painstakingly reviewing thousands of posts, clips and grapevine gossip to determine who the most fascinating folks of 2013 were.  Although we present these awards tongue in cheek,  they are completely sincere and well deserved.



Chris Biggins Celebrates Life

So without further delay, proudly presents the Woman of the Year 2013 Award to a very special lady. A mother and wife, a grandmother and a friend, a mentor and a comforter. With her wisdom, insight and wonderful way with words, she has been an encouragement to thousands of Rockland followers on her blog. An inspirational character who has demonstrated superhuman courage in the lowest valleys of disease and despair. She  displays amazing grace, faith, dignity and unconditional love, all while enduring what must have been excruciating pain and suffering. Woman of the Year 2013,,,

Chris Biggins.

Congratulations Chris. You have touched more lives than you will ever know. salutes you. Man of the Year goes to reporter, Dan d230“from the front row” Heary. Dan is a retired Navy Specialist  who is also a firearms expert, a hand-to-hand combat instructor as well as a successful business man. Dan is also a former 70′s Boston DJ who at times drew higher ratings than Dale Dorman. Dan’s background is so extensive it would take a book to tell you about it, so I’ll just let you know when his book comes out.  I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Heary while attempting to buy concert tickets on craigslist early in the year. From that day on, Dan has taken all over the world. Some of the most spectacular photos and stories that we’ve ever published on these pages were taken and authored by Dan Heary. Dan took an early liking to our website and has since volunteered his time and talent to give a taste of professionalism and world class photography. Dan has reported “from the front row” on Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent, Styx, REO speedwagon, Bob Seger, Billy Idol, Aerosmith  Fleetwood Mac and more, often meeting with the stars and their people while wearing his press pass. Dan had some of the biggest names in show business 4-1clicking on our pages in 2013 to read his reviews: Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Neeland, Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey along with  their promoters. Everywhere he goes, they put out the red carpet for Dan  and as they are normally on a first name basis. Dan has found his way into the inner sanctums backstage at Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun,  a half dozen race tracks as well as dozens of haunts on and off Broadway with his press passes. Heary’s front row pictures are stunning, magazine-quality images that the stars eat up as fast as Dan feeds to them. Dan has also brought in a wave of horse race fans with his track-side photo finish pictures along with the best accounts and descriptions of the biggest names in the race game.  Thank you, Dan Heary, for breathing new life into and giving us dozens of world class reports that will linger on these pages for years to come.


Ben Lee, Mike Dingly and Andy Campolieto Entertainers of the Year. The Jo Henley Band. Jo Henley has produced four CD’s loaded with world-class songs all written and recorded by the band’s mastermind, Andy Compolieto. Guitarist Ben Lee is one of the best guitarists in the business and “versatile musician extraordinaire” Mike Dingly works the percussion magically.  Jo Henley first debuted in Rockland at the release of their new “Inside Out” Cd at Mark Gardner’s Blue Moon Coffee House.  became instant 1396063_617605254945218_2040790634_n (1)groupies following the band in 2013 from Plymouth to Pembroke to Marshfield and back to Plymouth, until finally culminating a year-long plan that brought the performing and recording artists to the  Banner Irish Pub on December 1st for the most memorable musical event of 2013.  Jo Henley thrilled the Banner faithful with a three-hour showcase of the band’s artistry and talent that was all captured on tape by John Donovan and Rocking Rudy Childs. Those recordings have found a spot in my most favorite DVD holder.The mighty Jo Henley band has 1378566_617615408277536_1893547967_nbecome great friends of and are by far the most memorable act of 2013. Congratulations to the Mighty Jo Henley Band.’s Entertainers of the Year

Search rocklandnews and Youtube for their fantastic videos and recordings. Public Servants of the year.


Horrific Crash 10/25/13 12:30 am.

RFD Finest

Rockland Police and Fire First Responders.   Imagine you are suddenly awakened by a loud crash in front of your house. You emerge from the home to hear wailing, screaming and crying.  In front of you is a massive pretzel of bent iron and rubber with smoke pouring from it.  The air is thick with the smell of gasoline and propane. Two young occupants in the car scream for help, but they are buried in the bent metal with only their bloody faces and twisted bodies visible through the breaks in the steel.  Everything in your instinct tells you to run and everything in your heart tells you to help.  You are frozen by indecision and inability to act. All you can do is tell the victims that they “will be ok, help is on the way” and hope you are not lying to them.  Nine minutes seems like nine hours as the distant scream of the siren approaches.  Neighbors appear on the scene but they, too, are unable to muster a rescue attempt. First the police, then the firefighters and EMT’s appear on the scene and get to work.  It is at that boyar.jessiemoment that the value of these brave men and women to a community becomes crystal clear. These are the folks who report to work under the most horrific conditions, often tending to the dead or dying, sometimes their own friends and family members.  Standing in harm’s way to help a stranger in trouble.  Their training, dedication and professionalism glistens like a diamond as they take control of the situation and start saving lives.  Kudos from to Chiefs Duffy and Llewellyn whose brave men and women  stand on the line and await the call.  We salute the rosters on both departments.


Daveandgno (1) Business Owner of the year goes to David Lee of LCT Computers in Rockland Center. For over fifteen years, David Lee has been the go-to guy for all things computers in Rockland.  David has beaten the odds and kept his computer business going strong in Rockland Center through good times and bad.  David is expert in the computer field and has helped thousands of Rocklandites with their computer needs for over a decade and a half.  If you need upgrades or repairs, hard to find accessories, a brand new set up or just some free advice, David Lee is the man on the hill for you. Thank you, David, for your service to Rockland. David Lee – making Rockland a great place to compute. Athlete of the Year Award

Kerry “Special K” Flynn


Kerry “Special K” Flynn Athlete of the Year!

Rockland saw some fantastic athletes in 2013.  Some even had their numbers retired or their names etched in the sacred Bulldog parquet floor at the High school.  There were great wrestlers, as well as hockey, football, soccer and even lacrosse players. From senior leagues to toddlers, from the great semi-pro baseball organization to the region’s best youth programs, Rockland rocked in the sports department in 2013.  No one has personified that greatness like lifelong resident,  Kerry Flynn. Kerry Flynn and Madeline Lannin gave birth to  an era of excellence in ladies basketball in Rockland over a decade ago that has endured until today.  Flynn is the lone Rockland High school grad to have scored 2000 career high school points; and yet, there is still no banner hanging in the Bulldog gym acknowledging that accomplishment.  She is also the only Rockland High athlete to ever go on to play pro basketball. Kerry played four years of pro basketball; and yet, there is nothing in that gym acknowledging that feat.  Plans are underway to petition Graz and RHS to acknowledge and display these honors in a prominent place inside the Bulldog gymnasium. salutes Kerry “Special K” Flynn wholeheartedly, although quite belatedly, in hopes of making these honors a reality.’s Athlete of the Year 2013 Kerry “Special K” Flynn’s most Achieving Person of the year Award.

65322_419006308213547_673452567_nBill “Bubblicious” Minahan and Brian Martin of Cue and A Half Men BBQ Team.  In BBQ nation, it takes years to climb the ladder of success in the Kansas City BBQ Society. Cue and A Half Men have made it to the top in two short seasons.This is unheard of!  The team  competed in their  final competition of the 2013 season at the Riverside Blues and BBQ Festival in Greenfield, MA.  Cue and A Half Men  earned a 10th in Chicken, 3rd in Ribs, 1st in Pork (first 1st in Pork EVER!), 4th in Brisket, and Reserve Grand Champion!  This would be like having one of our great local bands come home with a Grammy award for best new artist.  This would be like going on American Idol and making it to the final four. This would be like beginning an MMA career and being the featured bout on pay-per-view.  Here is a run down of Cue and A Half Men’s spectacular Cinderella season.
2013 Summary (16 Competitions)
(3) Grand Champion
(3) Reserve Grand Champion
(8) Top 5 Overall
(10) Top 10 Overall


CHICKEN: (2) 1st Place (6) Top 5’s, (11) Top 10’s
RIBS: (5) Top 5’s, (8) Top 10’s
PORK: (1) 1st Place (5) Top 5’s, (5) Top 10’s
BRISKET (2) 1st Place (9) Top 5’s, (10) Top 10’s

and a 9th Place Chicken at the American Royal Invitational! salutes Cue and A Half Men for their fantastic award-winning BBQ.  Tens of thousands of dollars invested, thousands of miles traveled, and hundreds of hours of work have paid off in a big way, putting Rockland on the National BBQ Map like never before in our history.


Special thanks to all the great people who did great things in 2013! Salutes you all!