Founder Still Slinging Mud!

January 28, 2014


miked7Michael Donovan, the founder of, has always been known as a comedic genius around these parts.  Donovan took the local cyberworld by storm a decade ago creating the Donovan’s brand of humor spread through town like wildfire, transforming his high school project into a regional sensation drawing tens of thousand of hits from all over the globe. Since those days, he has stepped away for the local loveable rag and become a great success raising his family and building on his legacy. The tall, thin and handsome Donovan was famous for his one liners, his pranks and prowess in the virtual world of comedy.  However, since leaving the cyber spotlight, Donovan has been quietly becoming 526378_535862466479240_1943030635_none of the fiercest  extreme athletes in the region. Donovan has been competing and winning in one insane event after another, transforming the once gangly,  thin high school boy into a lean, mean fighting machine and a brute force to be reckoned with everywhere he competes.

miked5Donovan and his wife, Leah, took the local extreme sporting scene by storm in 2013 . Running through waist deep mud, jumping over flaming fires and trudging up mountainsides in frigid weather is the new norm for Rockland’s King of Comedy. Their competitive drive has taken Mike and Leah to the top of the field, winning award after award as two of the toughest sons of bitches in gym shorts and a sleeveless on the mountain.



mike13Recently, Donovan and Crew took top honors at the highly competitive SuperHero Scramble of New England in Amesbury, Mass. The run attracts athletes from all over the world to come to compete and raise money for cancer. Team Donovan took top honors, culminating a spectacular 2013 Season with plenty more bling for the mantel.


Well Done, Mike Donovan! Rocklandnews.com996158_4980743273195_553612333_n Salutes You!