RN.Com Political Endorsements.

October 9, 2012


Right to Repair law.  Vote yes!  Allowing independent mechanics and auto repair businesses the information needed to repair private property (cars) for consumers is a no-brainer!  Vote yes to increase competition and eliminate the monopoly on car repairs held by the dealerships.

Assisted Death.  Vote no!  This measure would push us further down the moral slippery slope as a nation and a people. In the countries  where this has been legalized, it is always a short hop from voluntary suicide to mandatory euthanasia. This bill sets the stage for the new Affordable Care Act to counsel the sick and elderly to abort their care plans and opt out for early extermination based on quality of life calculations. This will not stop with end-of-life cancer patients.  This bill further diminishes the sanctity of human life, breaks the Hippocratic oath and changes society forever.

Dr. Karl Brandt ran the horrific Nazi euthanasia program and was also Adolph Hitler’s personal physician. In 1947 at the Nuremburg Trials, he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and hanged.

Dr. Brandt explained himself like this:

“The underlying motive was the desire to help individuals who could not help themselves and were thus prolonging their lives in torment. To quote Hippocrates today is to proclaim that invalids and persons in great pain should never be given poison. But any modern doctor who makes so rhetorical a declaration without qualification is a liar or hypocrite … I never intended anything more or believed I was doing anything but abbreviating the tortured existence of such unhappy creatures.”

Medical Marijuana. Vote No!  This is a dishonest back-door loophole for government agencies and unscrupulous business to exploit marijuana addicts for gain.  This will increase marijuana use by leaps and bounds and will fill the air of our public places with marijuana smoke.  This will also put tons of high grade marijuana in the hands of our kids.  This will allow for heavy-machine operators, police, fire, doctors, nurses and all kinds of public safety workers to use marijuana before, during and after work.  This will also elevate marijuana from a recreational drug to a recognized medication.  Massachusetts already has the most lenient marijuana laws in the country.  A more sensible approach would be to decriminalize cultivation of no more than three plants for personal use . This would eliminate the black market for the product, provide for civil liberties and put the revenue back into the local economy.

State Representative  seat:     Rhonda Nyman vs Korey Welch

Vote Kory Welch!  Korey Welch promises to be a steadfast fiscal conservative.  Nyman’s votes have been lockstep with the corrupt Democratic leadership in MA.  Higher taxes, more regulations and far left social stances.  In a district like ours, with a majority of voters being right of center, Welch is the only choice. Welch has demonstrated his knowledge of the issues and his no-nonsense approach to government in two decisive  debate victories.

Senate seat:    Scott Brown vs Elizabeth Warren

Vote Scott Brown!  Elizabeth Warren has been exposed as a fraud. From listing herself as a Native American to gain advantage, to operating without a law license, to collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars at the expense of asbestos victims and struggling college students, Warren has disqualified herself as a voice of the people.  Her socialist tenets, like “You didn’t build that” are a short hop to “We are taking that.”  Warren is a dangerous socialist with global ambitions. Not to mention her shrill mean-spirited demeanor and self proclaimed “mother of the occupy movement” title.  Scott Brown is just a milk-toast RINO who will be far better able to benefit MA as an independent voice in the new majority of the US Senate.

Congressional Rep:  Bill Keating vs Chris Sheldon

Vote Chris Sheldon.

Again, Keating is a left-wing Pelosi lap dog who votes lockstep with the Democrats.  Keating refuses to hold Eric Holder accountable; he supports Obama Care; he is against the Defense of Marriage act.  He blindly marches to the beat of Obama in foreign policy, border security, and abortion on demand; and he stands on the extreme left of every major issue facing our nation. Chris Sheldon will do far more for our state and our town and district as a member of the majority in the House of Representatives than Keating will as a low-level pawn of the Pelosi minority.

President of the United States:  Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Vote Romney!

Barack Obama appointed Kevin Jennings to be Safe Schools Czar. This position was created to steer our nation’s public schools in the areas of drug abuse and safety. Jennings is a member of ACT-UP, a homosexual militant organization that disrupts church services, throws urine on people and has created a hit list of everyone who opposes them. Jennings gave a speech once where he cited Harry Haye as a man he admired very much. Harry Haye was the founder of NAMBLA.  Jennings writes in his books about his own illegal drug use, makes no apology for it and never condemns it.  Jennings, as a school teacher, was approached  by a student who confided in Jennings that he was meeting with a much older man for sex in the train station men’s room after school. Jennings counseled the student to be sure to wear a condom.  Jennings and his organization  GLSN produced and distributed graphic obscene materials illustrating disgusting sexual acts, complete with a list of bars and other locations where students could meet up with adults. These are the people who started all the gay clubs in our schools and wrote most of the bullying legislation jammed through by local democrats.  This one appointment shows that Obama is either morally bankrupt or completely incompetent, putting our nation’s school children in the hands of this Sandusky-type operative. This one appointment disqualifies Obama from being re-elected, regardless of what he promises to his supporters.