Rockland’s Nick Johnson, Randall Bramblett and Mark Knopfler new album.

November 2, 2015


nick5Every time the Rockland Christmas stroll approaches I think back to a stroll night years ago in the Rockland Music Store when a 14 year old kid  did a quick read of the crowd and broke into a perfect lead guitar of Whole lotta Love. I said right there and then this kid is  bound for greatness. The way his fingers effortlessly danced over the frets was amazing for such a young lad.

Fast forward to 2015 and Nick Johnson is now a famous mainstay on the Georgia blues scene and peers with some of the greatest names in music.  The great Randall Bramblett, formerly of the band Traffic and mega blues star has landed Johnson as his  guitarists and given him a starring role on his new album,” Devil Music”. Johnson shares the credits on the album with  Mark Knopfler, who accompanies Bramblett and Johnson on this great new recordnick6

Devil Music is an American masterpiece from start to finish, the title track is lifted from Howlin Wolf’s lament about finally finding his long lost mother and wanting to share his success with her. She rejects his generosity and his love by saying she didn’t want anything to do with that “Devil Music.” Bramblett scores the the story with soulful lament while Johnson’s guitar ebbs and flows with  intoxicating gentle weeping and searing rasps. Brambletts legendary skills are all on full display as the tracks just keep coming. “Dead in the Water” with Mark Knopfler is an instant classic built on deep traditional foundations and hauntingly familiar riffs that had me singing along on the very first listen.

There is not a bad track on the entire cd but some other great standouts include Reptile Pilot, Ride, Angel Child and Strong Love, a song where Johnson’s riffs are the hook that bring the song to life.

Devil Music is a timeless new classic that is getting rave reviews from everyone in the industry. Check it out for yourself and show your support for this Rock Vegas Guitar god and his new legendary friendsnick1

Nick Johnson, Keeping the Rock in Rockland.

Randall Bramblett

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