Ron White @ Mohegan Sun, Dan Heary Reports

August 19, 2014


13-x600In a dying sport [comedy] Ron White can still ‘bring it” [Mohegan].  Most stand-up comedics preform in front of crowd of 300 in various clubs throughout major cities using the same routines over and over.
      Some areas [Boston] had “improvs” like the TV show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” that  work off the crowd and ad-lib as did Drew Carey and his “troupe” did in Vegas a few years back.
      It [comedy] blossomed in the 90′s a bit with Steven Wright, Pryor, Lopez, Seinfeld, Carlin and some others selling out 10,000 seat arenas, mainly colleges.  But from 2000-20006 it was “The Blue Collar” tour that brought all the houses down.
     Foxworthy, Engvail, Larry and Hawksley [replaced after 26 shows by White] toured 90 sold out cities, had movies and CD’s.  Foxworthy alone is considered the best comedic ever with 14 million cd sales [Ron White quote cited].
    White was at his finest again with his home grown stories with the “F” bomb used cutely, and not over bearing.  A great story is when his friend, whose is married to a “vegan” wanted an apple, she stated it was “organic”, he replied he didn’t like “organic”, so she sprayed it with RAID.
    Another little snip, he told the crowd he was at the airport and took “two Viagra” and demanded to be “patted down”by security.  After this happened he went outside had a cigarette and came back to the security line [he had four hours]….lol…what I really like was that White’s routine was different all four times I reviewed him over the last six years.
   A good time was had by a large crowd of about 7,500…..yes huge, because he will be at the Wilbur Theater in Boston in October for three nights.  The Wilbur seats 1,233 folks.  Yes good comedy is on the decline, like disco, hula hoops, and 3 wheel motorcycles- they had their runs.
From The Front Row
FYI-Poison Sumac is found only east of the Mississippi