Seger Stands Tall and Plays them All! Dan Heary Reports.

December 16, 2014


    1 (7)  What to say, what to say: Awesome ?, great ?, still has it ?, can not believe this performance ?, he really is almost 70 ?, as the list continues.
     Like a tourist in winter he refuses to go away.  But this Detroit “rocker” is the best ever, for he can sing and play any genre.  From tunes like “We’ve Got Tonight”, Old Time Rock And Roll, Hollywood Nights to tributes to Stevie Ray and Clapton, all ages are now covered.
    5 (2) As in many others in the music industry, it took years to make it big time.  The standard garage band, the solo act, other bands that thought of the big dream  that only went away when one awoke.  Finally the Silver Bullet Band was put together in 75′-76′ and “heartland music [Michigan] drafted all the “disco” haters with hits like Turn The Page [CLASSIC], Night Moves, and Heavy Music.
     Again, right place right time where the industry needed some rock to join Fleetwood, Doobie’s, and Eagles.  The Detroit suburb native is in the rock and roll hall of fame as both a performer [2004] and writer [2012].  When “Alto Reed” [Neal Cartmell-sax] hits the first two notes of “Turn The Page” it is like 10,000 seat were “tased” as folks quickly rise and start the singing before Seger.
     Like Reed, the original members of the SBB are in place, along with Seger’s creation of the “Motor City Horns” [tremendous brass], added with great lady back up vocals [all three from Little Feet since 1996].  Your drummer is close for he was with Grand Funk and now with the SBB for 30+ years, Don Brewer.
      Seger has so much fun on stage as he points the mic toward the standing, swaying, and singing crowd.  When he approaches the wings of the stage the Seger “clones” go into a frenzy.  At his side is Rob McNelley, a superb lead guitar player from Memphis with energy levels that ignite both band and listener.
     Other great tunes: Like A rock, Katmandu, You’ll Accompany Me, Roll Away, Main Street, Watch Her Strut, The Fire Down Below, Against The Wind, Lookin’ Back, Drummer Boy, and on and on……
Dan: From The Front Row
FYI–Risky Business [underwear scene] 31 years ago