Sforza / Gasdia Dominate the Cage in Plymouth.

August 26, 2014


10533455_10203813230805266_2656880482919285301_nYoung Bobby Gasdia, Rocklandnews.com athlete of the year and Frank Sforza of the Rockland Police Department, took the MMA world by storm in Plymouth Saturday. Bobby Rockvegas Gasdia making his cage fighting debut and Frank Excessive Force Sforza in the main event both Bulldogged their opponents into early submission. The fighters were energized by a huge entourage of rowdy Rocklandites who shook the rafters with wild applause for both of the extreme athletes.

What a great night for Rockland!


Check out Kin Moy’s account of the action.


Chris Mehu  vs Bobby Gasdia  — Amateur  170

RD1:  The fighters touch gloves and begin feeling each other out. Bobby dives on a single leg, but is taking punches. Bobby eventually ends up on top of half guard. Bobby latches on to a headlock from top half guard. He gets rolled but turns that into a guillotine that Chris postures out of. Bobby threatens a sweep with butterfly hooks, which sets up a triangle. Chris is dropping hard punches and hammerfists but Bobby secures an underhook on the leg. Bobby attacks the trapped arm and secures the tap with a slick triangle-armbar combination.

Bobby Gasdia via 1st Rd Submission (triangle choke/armbar)!

Frank Sforza vs Steve McCabe  – Pro 145

sforzaThe house is on fire, the crowd is going BANANAS and the fighters haven’t even been announced yet. This is a main event that EVERYBODY is going crazy for. Sforza is so intense; he manically paces back and forth whilst staring down McCabe.

RD 1: After they touch gloves and circle, Frank catches a hard body kick. He bulldogs Steve to the cage and completes a takedown. Several upkicks keep Sforza at bay momentarily, but Frank passes the guard, takes the back, and locks on a choke in a matter of seconds. McCabe wards it off, but eats some punches for his trouble. McCabe is stifling Sforza’s rear mount by pushing him into the cage, but Sforza gets creative with some elbows, before going for the choke once again. The crowd erupts when Steve is forced to tap.

Frank Sforza via 1st Rd submission (RNC)! (83)

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