Slow Hand, Still Great at 68! Photo by Dan Heary

April 8, 2013


Photo by my new friend, diver and photographer Dan Heary.

The staggering price tags of Clapton  tickets held their value even twenty hours before show time on Craigslist Thursday night.  One set of two close up floor seats listed for 900.00    with some nose bleeders fetching up to 300.00 each. We rolled the dice on Mohegan Sun, packed up the RV and headed for the show with little more than a promise for tickets. Upon arrival we were able to secure two fantastic seats for a mere 200.00 each.

The Wall Flowers took the stage at 7.30 sharp and the young Zimmerman, Jacob Dylan, put on a stellar Rock show for the nearly 10,000 member tribe that gathered in the Mohegan Sun Arena. The Wallflowers finished with their hit “One headlight”, that nearly moved the obese tribe of buffet eating, baby boomers to their feet in applause.

This was a rock concert like non other before I had attended. The field of half-hearted vacationers in hawaiian shirts and pressed slacks feasted on pizza, nachos and big gulps, leaving little room for whaling cheers, ear piercing whistles or thunderous applause. I couldn’t help but feel that this collection of the haves and have-mores were not worthy of such a great master of the music trade as Eric Clapton.

Clapton took to the stage and kicked off with “Hello old Friend”. It was sheer euphoria seeing him live for the first time. At 68 years old he looked and sounded as good as I could have ever hoped. With a nine piece accompaniment of time tested, talented musicians he set off on a course of no nonsense rock and roll that stretched over two hours of nonstop music showcasing brilliant snippets of a fifty year old catalog from then until now. Clapton’s song list went from “Hello old Friend” to “High time We Went”  by Joe Cocker without a word of comment, storytelling or politicizing, which seems to plague many rockers in this day and age. Clapton’s expression barely changed all night as the music flowed from his being like magic. Often times he would lean back and look to the sky with that signature expression of his as if he was channeling the music from above and casting it out upon the ten thousand faithful gathered in front him.

The songlist was Hello Old Friend, My Father’s Eyes, Tell The Truth, Gotta Get Over, Black Cat Bone, Got To Get Better In A Little While, Tempted by Squeeze, I Shot The Sheriff, Driftin’, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out, Tears In Heaven, Goodnight Irene, Wonderful Tonight,  How Long Blues,  Stones In My Passway, Love In Vain, Crossroads, Queen Of Spades, Cocaine Encore –included Sunshine Of Your Love and Cocker’s High Time We Went. 

Clapton fans were not disappointed with this full display of all the masters talents. Perhaps if one was looking to hear the greatest hits album, they may have been let down a bit for the lack of great songs like Leyla and after Midnight. But for true Clapton fans it was a complete and total display of talent and treasure as he worked the lower end of the starticaster while orchestrating an entire team of talented experts  with timeless lyrics polished to a brilliant hue from  fifty years of dedication and elbow grease.

Two tickets, 400.00  gas for the RV 125.00, a chance to see one of the greatest rockers of all time in a state of the art facility like the Mohegan Sun Arena, Priceless.