South Shore gets ready for Irene! By Elmer

August 26, 2011



It's been one right after the other for 2 days in Houghs Neck


Well, we have a hurricane bearing down on New England and our area should receive a pretty good lick. Here in Rockland we can expect winds and rains in excess, and power outages may be common. Preparations include making sure everything out doors is tied down so it doesn’t become a flying obect. So with food, water, flashlights, batteries and sump pumps, ect, we hunker down to wait it out.

Along the coastline it is a different story. Hurricane force winds racing across open water can slam into the shore with devastating effect. Yacht Clubs and marinas know the damage  these storms reak, may take years to rebuild. So in the quiet before the storm most boats are hauled to ride out the storm in parking lots and driveways. Floating docks are strung together for the long ride to the Fore River basin. Crews will join together to get it done and have a good time while doing it.


Stay Safe

Everyone has their place in line and the stream of trailers is orderly.


Houghs Neck resident  Matt Lyons has been busy hauling boats for two days straight.  “Twenty-five so far Elmer, and I’ll do double that before Sunday morning.” When I asked him if the storm made him nervous, he replied. “The Blizzard of 78 was one of the worst storms to ever hit this area. And we had 25-40 inches of snow and giant blocks of sea ice crashing into buildings and houses. You can’t get ready for that. Here we have time to get our boats and docks either on the shore or in the basins of the Fore River Shipyard. So it’s hard to imagine it could be worse than those days and nights. Your a “Necker” Elmer you’ve seen your fair share.” I could only agree and enjoy the picturesque view of Hingham Bay in a flat calm sea. I know what it may be like tomorrow and my brother lives right on the beach. He often has to get out before the flooding cuts off the road. I offered him refuge in Rockland, but he will stay put, or stay with friends farther from the water. 

Namor IV ready if needed to haul the docks up to Fore River

As a boy growing up in the Houghs Neck portion of Quincy, I remember a few good hurricanes, Carol in 1954 stands out like it was yesterday, our back fence neighbors house was caved in by a giant maple tree, I can still see  my dad and their’s passing children over the fence at the height of the storm, tree limbs and just about everything else blowing in the wind as they hustled everyone inside. It was both exciting and frightning. But it got me to notice the weather.

Today with advance warnings and satellite imagy we can be better prepared and have evacuation plans and shelters for those in danger of flooded roadways in and out of their neighborhoods.

Who knows what will happen, but we are ready!

I could see that at least here, the preparations are just about ready and their are plenty of people standing by to help their neighbrs if they need it.

Bob McNeil make final preparations to the floats before moving up to the Fore River basins

“Our next big moments come at high tide Sunday evening.” said Bob Dunn another multigenerational “Necker”. “It all depends on wind direction here. south and west good, north and east…not so good. When you live on the ocean, some times you bite the bullet. But you learn to minimize the damage by being ready for what’s coming.”

Stay home and stay safe!