Special K Drafted by Banner Irish Pub

August 8, 2013


kerr1Lady Bulldog basketball Legend, Kerri “Special K” Flynn, has landed a spot on the Roster at the Banner Irish Pub. The former women’s pro basketball star will be starting center bar at the Banner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Last night marked the debut of the thousand-point scoring hoopster turned bartender. Flynn was baptized with fire on her first night with a packed house of the Banner Faithful. The restless natives gave Ed, Brenda and Kerri a run for their money in the early going. Flynn seemed a little rusty coming off the bench at first; but within an hour or so, she was draining buckets, flying on the speed rack and ringing up huge numbers on the cash register. Many regulars agreed that Flynn will be a great fit at the Banner that has become known as one of the hardest bartender gigs in Shoetown. ┬áBanner owner, Brenda Kelly, said she thinks Kerri will be a perfect fit, “she has plenty of energy, charisma and enthusiasm; but the main thing is, she is coachable and willing to learn the Banner game plan.” Kerri also has a great center of influence that will bring many new faces and names into the barwho may never have had the pleasure of trying the Banner in the past.


Stop by and support this great Rocklandite at this great Rockland establishment. The Banner Irish Pub, Ten years of getting better everyday!


Kerri works Tuesday and Wednesday Nights