Standard And Poor’s Agree! Rockland, A Great Place to Live!

March 10, 2014


SAN FRANCISCO (Standard & Poor’s) March 6, 2014–Standard & Poor’s Ratings

Services raised its underlying rating (SPUR) on Rockland Town, Mass.’ 2010

general obligation (GO) bonds to ‘AA-’ from ‘A-’. The outlook is stable.


“The rating action is based on the application of ourĀ local GO criteria

released Sept. 12, 2013,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Jaime Trejo.


The rating reflects our view of such factors as the town’s strong economy and

very strong liquidity.


The stable outlook reflects our view of the town’s adequate budgetary

performance and very strong liquidity.


The towns rating has been increased to Double A Minus! This huge jump in the rating is unprecedented and puts Rockland as one of only three municipalities to ever achieve such a jump.

When asked to comment Town Attorney John Clifford responded in a way that has a lot of heads spinning. Here is the direct quote

” Ooocca Chalka Ooocca Chalka Oocca oocca oocca Chiocca.”