Stroll Week Rolls On! Alices Restaurant Alive and Well.

November 27, 2014


rn3 maulerwinsWhat do you call the BBQ team that takes first place in the Jack Daniels Global BBQ competition? Best in the World! When i heard Mike Mauler Gilpen and Crew were ranked ┬ábest in the world at “The Jack” this year I said to myslef, shit i’ve know that for twenty years.


Mauler rolled out the 38th grand opening of Alices Restaurant at the infamous 123 Pub in West Rockland.  Dozens of turkeys and gallons of gravy paired with home made Apple Pie, Cherry Cobbler and Egg Noggon all served with style from homemade mason jars.

Mauler and most of the Cue and Half Men BBQ Team will be stirring white soup at the Christmas Stroll again this year at the Rockland Lion David Decoste Banner Pub Chowder Booth!

Don’t forget the after party at the Some Place Sports Bar Featuring the Mighty Jo Henley band.379939_10150378771987680_1792020214_n