August 13, 2015


11754405_979491918737990_7880654051008763879_o (1)What do Canadian hockey and Canadian food have in common ?…NOTHING, their food is HORRIBLE,  BUT musically Canada, America’s “hat”, has given us much to listen too and grab the iPhone.
     From Buble, Rush, Celine Dion, Young, Lightfoot, Twain, Morrisette and many, many more we look “up” to “Oh Canada”.  Saturday night @ the Sun was no different as Bryan Adams brought his “RECKLESS’ tour to the near capacity singing crowd.
     With hits like “The Summer of 69, Run To You, Cuts Like a Knife, The Only Thing That Looks Good, the 13 album star played an endless [2+ hours] night with “The Only Thing I do” to a chorus of humans with a cell phone finale [I cannot quote quit this - for I just made it up].
    If you are a “classic rocker” as yours truly is, this was your night NOT to miss.  Long time guitar player [35 years] and good friend Keith Scott, along with three veteran musician-vocalists had “it” going.  As many know, I prefer “stage presence” in a show along with personality with the 16,000 eyes looking and a singin’.  Adams had this quality of playing, singing, and RELATING.
    11017503_979491928737989_111220655217253053_o (1)What many don’t know is that Adams released “Cuts Like A Knife” in 83′ while writing songs for Kiss, Bonnie Tyler, Raitt, Van Halen, Cocker, and others.  I like when he backed up Glass Tiger in the “one hit wonder” Don’t Forget Me ” [youtube this song].  In a way Adams is a Canadian John Cougar – with tunes like, “Straight From The Heart, Heaven, Somebody To Love” and mucho more, except we get a 27% exchange rate.  
    My fav is “Im Gunna To Run To You” – singing it now [terribly]..dan out :)
Dan: From the front row:
NO I did NOT mention Bieber being
from Canada – would you ???