The 2012 Chowder Report

November 27, 2012


Well, we’re Banner Pub singers, we’ve got frozen fingers; and we can’t even feel our toes.  We sing for some chowder and we sing for some Joe, for ten thousand townies that showed.  Now we all decide, to warm our hide but our hide won’t really be warm, like the warm that will getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rocklandnews.  Rocklandnews, Gonna see our picture on the cover,,,, Newsssss,, gonna post five links to my mother, Newsssss,, gonna see my frozen face, on the cover of the Rocklandnews!

Apologies to Dr Hook and the Medicine show.  lol

There was a tempest of fallen leaves on this blustery, cold, gray November day in the old Shoetown as the Rocklandnews fire cage hit the street on Belmont St. Like so many times before, the Chowder apparatus unfolded on Union street with the precision of a drunken band of gypsies in a  traveling circus side show. Tents tossed in the wind , burners spewing flaming propane from leaky valves, blowing barrels, frozen rock bands and and a toppled coffee bar came together to transform the old Fire House driveway into one of the busiest establishments in town. A thousand bowls of chowder, hundreds of cups of coffee, and a half cord of seasoned fire wood kept the vast herd of wandering Rocklandites fat, warm and happy for the three-hour event.

Mike and Billy of the Road Runners braved the frigid cold, treating the townspeople to their own brand of professionally-crafted good-time music.  The duo has been giving of their time and talent in and around Rockland for nearly a decade. Visit this great duo every Sunday at the Banner Irish Pub.  Stephen Murphy, another big time giver in Rockland, provided piping hot coffee of all flavors to the strollers again this year.  Stephen steps up for the town all year long.  Stephen had help from his kids along with Sgt. PJ O’Rourke, and Magnificent Mark Norris. The Rockland Harbor Master, Larry “Elmer” Ryan, along with his better half, Mary, kept the fire cage roaring until the final bell. Former Public Servant of the Year, “Peter Park” Ewell, stepped up huge all over town.  He secured the donated firewood from South Shore Loam, and the propane from Hoadley Pumbing.  Peter also went back after the stroll and picked up all the trash barrels – all on his own time.  The Chowder booth had some fantastic volunteers as well,  with the return of “Delightful” Debbie O’Brien from the Board of Selectmen;  Auntie of the Year, Krista “31 Gifts” White; the mesmerizing Caitlin Mae; and Lady Bulldog Legend, Kerry “Special K” Flynn.  Special thanks to David Gramazio and Mark Mainini, who helped set up the chowder booth.

Special thanks to Pam Murphy, Kathy Stewart and the Rockland Friends for hosting this awesome event each year!

On a down note, Mike “Mauler” Gilpin pulled a no call – no show at the event. Mike plays a key instrumental role in keeping the some sixty gallons of chowder flowing hot and fast for the three hours.  He was sorely missed, as one old fat guy was forced to do all the back of the booth work himself.


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