The 2013 Chowder Report

December 5, 2013


stroll1Special thanks to the Rockland Lions Club for sponsoring the Chowder Booth this year. The Club stepped up, pledging $1000 to pay for the famous white soup. Rockland Selectman, “Delightful” Debbie O’Brien joined Krista White and the pink nightmare, Kerri “Special K” Flynn, in doling out 1,145 cups of the legendary Boss Hog Classic, The Mediocre at Best, Clam Chowder. Lions Club member Jimmy McLaughlin worked all day on the booth, hanging lights, banners and Lion’s Club fliers as well as stirring and pouring the bivalve porridge. ,Selectman Larry ” the Lion” Ryan stood his post on the fire barrel for the fifth straight stroll27year. Larry and the BMBC burned up nearly half a cord of wood, donated by South Shore Loam, providing  the stroll faithful with a warm, curbside oasis on this frigid last night of November. It wouldn’t be the chowder booth without Stunning Steve Murphy and his high tech coffee counter. Cup after cup of delicious Atlantic coffee was all donated by the Murphy family. This year, Bella’s stroll19Restaurant joined the chowder booth offering a non-seafood alternative to the chowder booth. Lenny and Patti Barnes. Special thanks to Hoadley Plumbing and Heating for their generous donation of propane. A great big thank you to Peter Park Ewell for his unwavering support of everything Rockland.


All the volunteers that make this a great event do an awesome job for Rockland; but we all agree that seeing our fellow citizens out and about on a cold winter night makes it all worth while. stroll25 stroll24 stroll23 stroll22 stroll20 stroll18 stroll16 stroll15 stroll14 stroll13 stroll12 stroll11 stroll10 stroll9 stroll8 stroll7 stroll6 stroll5 stroll3 stroll2stroll26





Special thanks to Pam Murphy who works all year to make the stroll happen. Pam is shown here emptying the trash in the middle of the stroll! Way to Go, Pam!