The Banner Steps up for Father Bill’s Place

December 6, 2013



With the Obama economy sputtering to historic slow growth, the rise in unemployment, skyrocketing food and fuel prices along with the the complete and utter failure of the socialist safety net to help the helpless, all coupled with  the endless burden of new taxes, fees and fines from Beacon Hill, the number of homeless continues to increase. The good news is that many are stepping up to fill the void. Nothing is more effective to relieve human suffering than faith-based initiatives like Father Bill’s Place teaming up with free enterprise capitalists like the Banner Irish Pub.  Brenda Kelly is one such entrepreneur who is stepping up to help the needy. On Tuesday, December 17th, at the Banner Irish Pub, there will be a fundraiser to benefit Father Bill’s Place.  Father Bill’s is a place that does not turn away the homeless. They provide hot meals and a warm safe place to spend the night. Many of the Banner musicians will donate their time; and there will be a free buffet, games, prizes and raffles.


We are all so busy during the holidays, but this is a fun and easy way to give back to the community and support this fantastic Christian organization.


The hours are five to nine pm – so you can be home by bedtime while helping those who do not have a bed to call their own.

Join Brenda and Eddy at the Banner and do some real good this Christmas season!