Rockland’s Cable Guy Set to Run Against Rhonda

February 28, 2014


35-1024x768lou2Rockland political veteran Lou the Cable Guy Valanzola is hinting at a run for State Representative.  Valanzola was famous in Rockland for bringing the Crossing Guards back and high quality  cable TV service to Rockland among other things.  Valanzola’s historic interview with Chief Lewellyn  and his epic takedown of former Town Administrator, Brad Plant, are some of his most memorable acts of political courage.  Valanzola was often ridiculed by this author and others on for his conservative stance and his relentless oversight of town budgets. Like many of us in Rockland, he is tired of the one-party democrat machine wreaking havoc on the Massachusetts taxpayers. The latest in a long line of insults added to injury is the recent Gas Tax. This cowardly tax automatically increases with inflation, creating a huge burden on the working poor and all citizens on the brink financially.  This tax would only be half  as insidious if  not for the fact that the politicians who voted for it have their own gasoline paid for by us, the taxpayers. This reminds many of us of the politicians who voted for increases in the alcohol tax and then abandoned their local package stores to buy their booze tax free in New Hampshire.


Lou gets some local seed money.


Valanzola has strong ties in Norwell, Hanover and Rockland, and will be a formidable opponent for embedded Democrat,  Rhonda Nyman. lou1