The Beech Hill Solar Array Update!

December 4, 2013


Less than a month since our last report the Beech Hill Solar Array is getting amped up at lightening speed. We've got a direct line on the current progress and will feed it to you as it is generated. The work surge is being done at a hair raising pace and appears to be on schedule for a January switch over.rnrnTown administrator Allan Ooka Chiocca says, We are currently near capacity in our efforts to transform Rockland. At this junction it is good to reflect on the vast array of conduites who have been instrumental in getting this project charged up. We've had many people towing the line to make this project flow. We've been careful not to over load in our efforts to reach peak power in people. We've gone for the brightest bulbs on the tree said Chiocca. We are trying to spark some interest in the people, we want to electrify the citizens who may be “living off the grid” at this time. We want to conduct ourselves in way which avoids high tension yet empowers our department heads to redirect current resources using rectifiers while insulating existing circuits.rnrnChiocca avoided question regarding his recent interviews with Carver. It seemed to be a real live wire issue and we didn't want to get him all charged up.rnrnDSC09421 DSC09419 solar6 solar5 solar4 solar3 solar2 solar1rnrn rnrn rnrnThe Beech Hill Solar power plant is well on its way to making clean renewable energy for Rockland. The concrete supports for the solar panels are being set at the same time the new power cables are being installed from the Recycling Center to the power lines on the other side of Beech Hill.rnrn rnrnClick to enlarge images.n DSCN4650DSCN4656 DSCN4654rnrn rnrn rnrnMore on this great investment of your hard-earned tax dollars as it progresses.rnrn