The Godfather presents “Braun a Thon” at Game Time.

January 26, 2012


The Godfather of the local rock and roll scene, Graham Branlund, is planning a first of its kind, Rock and Roll showcase at Game Time in Rockland this Friday night.  Along with the amazing Eva Braun Band will be three other local greats who will each do a set of their best music.  “DO EASY”, “CORDITE-N”, and “THE JOE CAPIN PROJECT”, along with hosts “THE EVA BRAUN BAND” – The evening will culminate with a packed  stage of local rockers to perform a grand finale of classic rock that promises to be a musical spectacle never before seen in west Rockvegas.

Graham Branlund is constantly finding new ways to keep the venue owners making money, the fans dancing and the bands working.


The Godfather has been busy in the studio as well as on the stage this winter. Graham and local country star, Kenny Black, have teamed up to record a new single by the Singing Cowboy.


Graham Brandlund and the Eva Braun Band, Recession Proof Rock and Roll.

Local rockers with a world class show.