Little Bangkok, It’s a Thai Score for Rockvegas!

January 3, 2012


Rockland has a new culinary jewel to call its own in the fast-food district on Market Street. Emerging from the shadow of  The Triple Nine restaurant comes an amped-up hybrid of the former, turn-of-the-century Rockland eatery. If Triple Nine was the place to dip your toe in the pool of authentic Thai cuisine, then Little Bangkok is a place to wade deep into the wonderful world of  Thai.  The Little Bangkok’s “Crazy Noodle” dish is an improved version of the traditional Drunken Noodle. The heaps of chicken, shrimp, and vegetables tossed with broken, wide, Thai noodles, all in a spicy, savory glaze, makes it a masterpiece. The “Winter Shrimps” are beautiful, hand-crafted, ginger shrimp, carefully wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and fried crisp and light. The custom ”Fish Sauce” for dipping  is a sweet and spicy “hot” glaze that fills your palate with flavor and perfectly complements the appetizers. The” Bangkok Rolls” are light, crispy, spring rolls served golden brown and crunchy. The Cashew Chicken is outstanding, with tender chunks of chicken, jumbo cashews, pea pods, onions, mushrooms and  pineapple in a delicious glaze of  soy, ginger, honey and hots.   Mussels, Steamed Baby Clams and Wild Boar were a few of the many surprises on the extensive, well-written menu.   

Little Bangkok serves a few different  Thai beers along with Bud and Sam Adams. They also offer a couple of great wines at a great value.

The inside has been completely remodeled with the exception of the same signature storm door with a wire handle at the entrance. Little Bangkok now has dining for about 20 guests, all on high-quality restaurant grade furniture. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, as Chat and his family work together to provide over-the-top customer service. The new carpets and sleek decor give the place a very warm and comfortable look and feel.

The Chef/Owner, Chat, with his wife and three children, re- opened the landmark restaurant three weeks ago. Chat has invested his life savings in the place and is poised to have great success here in Shoetown.  If you have never experienced professional, well-made, authentic Thai Cuisine, then do yourself a favor in 2012 and check out this amazing new eatery.



Little Bangkok, It’s a Thai Score for Rockvegas!