The Richest Guy in Town invites you to his Birthday Bash!

November 24, 2013


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The great Ben Lee

Only the richest guy in town gets his favorite band in the world to play live at his favorite place in the world, surrounded by his  friends and family with endless  fine food and cold beer, served  hand and foot by even more friends, just because it is his birthday. Well, the stars have aligned for Sunday, December 1st, when the Mighty Jo Henley Band will be live at my birthday party at the Banner Irish Pub.  A series of cancellations, a drunkard’s  promise and some cold, hard cash got the deal done for this Sunday from four to seven pm.  Ben Lee, Andy Campolito and Mike Dingly,  along with a surprise bass player, will darken the doorway of the Banner Pub Stage for the first time ever.  This is going to be a great afternoon of live, original music


I want to extend an open invitation to every one of my friends and family, past, present or future to come out and raise a glass on my birthday and enjoy this fresh new sound Jo Henley calls “new roots.” Nobody can say they were not invited!  Come up early and watch the Patriots game in  Eddie’s new” Littlest Sports Bar” with bartender Mikey Mike. The Band plays from 4 to 7  in the pub. There will be a cash bar and full menu (just like any other day).  Plan to have dinner at the Banner (at your own cost! I’m only the richest guy in town figuratively speaking ).  Best Fish and Chips around!1375978_617605258278551_698176361_n


The band does only original songs  and has released four award-winning CD’s, so please do not request Mustang Sally. That would be like hiring Wolfgang Puck and asking him to make Kraft Mac and Cheese.


Check out Jo Henley doing one of their many original hit songs.  ”Right here for you” in the above video.


Five dollar donations will be accepted in the pickle jar but are not required .  As you can guess, these guys don’t play for Guinness alone.