The Road Dawgs, Ask for them at a club near you!

July 8, 2013


dawg1What do you get when you blend a smoking hot female  lead singer, a guitar god, a seasoned  drummer and an authentic bass thumper? What you get is the Road Dawgs out of Ashland Ma. This unlikely cast of characters have put together a rock and roll machine that is an absolute must see for band lovers like myself. The band plays a huge spectrum of music from Joplin to Gotye all with precision, enthusiasm and pump. The Road Dawgs did a version of “Somebody I used to know” that blew the original out of the water. Searing strings and mountain top vocals followed by thundering drums, bass propulsion and  bellowing  back up vocals. The performance  lifted the handful of baby boomer, holiday revelers from their bag chairs in wild applause.

dawg2The lead singer is a natural rocker. Her stage presence is highly appealing as she unfolds a tapestry of talent that leaves no one doubting that she is of sound mind and body. It doesn’t stop there, her incredible range and grasp of the songs becomes more apparent with each set as the dawgs dive deeper and deeper into their repertoire. By the end of the show she has them eating from her hand and beggin for more Meghan.



The Road Dawgs are a classic rock and pop band from Metrowest Boston. The Road dawg3Dawgs play a busy schedule of club gigs and private parties in the greater Boston metro area and have played over 200 shows since inception in 2009. The Road Dawgs were nominated and won best local pop/rock band in July 2012 by the listeners of WMRC radio. Lead guitarist John Paolilli was voted best lead guitarist  John is a recent Berklee grad and guitar instructor and is the backbone of the band adding an amazing energy, creativity and kick ass guitar licks. When he starts playing behind his back or ..singing you know John’s on his game Energetic drumming by Russ Metcalf, and John Esposito laying down a bass line creates a tight rhythm section.




The Road Dawgs! Oh Yeah They ‘re All that!


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